What is Assessment? 

Assessment is one of the major components of the community college process known as matriculation, which was created in 1987 by the California legislative mandate Assembly Bill (AB) 3. Assessment is a holistic process through which each college collects information about students in an effort to facilitate their success by ensuring their appropriate placement into the curriculum. Examples of this information include the students’ English and math skills, study skills, learning skills, aptitudes, goals, educational background/performance, and the need for special services. 

Section 78212 of the Seymour-Campbell Act of 1986 requires community colleges to make assessment available to students. Section 55524 of title 5 requires the Chancellors office to establish and update a list of approved assessment instruments as well as guidelines for their use. Further, the CCCCO is required to ensure that assessment instruments minimize or eliminate cultural or linguistic bias, are normed on the appropriate populations, yield valid and reliable information. 

The Chancellor’s Office Assessment Workgroup advises the Chancellor’s Office on statewide assessment issues, and conducts the biannual review of assessment instruments submitted by the colleges and test publishers for Chancellor’s Office approval. 

Assessment Memos and Announcements

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Clarification on Multiple Measures Used in Student Assessment, Memo | September 30, 2016
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Extended Suspension of Approval Process for Assessment Instruments, Memo | May 31, 2016
Adoption/Implementation Schedule for the Common Assessment Initiative, Memo | April 18, 2016
Adoption/Implementation Schedule for the Common Assessment Initiative | 2016-2018
EAP, SAT, and ACT Clarification, Memo | June 1, 2015
California Community Colleges Assessment Review Schedule |  2015-2016
California Community Colleges Assessment Workgroup Assessment Review Schedule | 2014-2015